Two Detached Bespoke Dwellings

Burnlee Road, Holmfirth

Once the outline planning was agreed that building 2 plots on the land would be accepted, the next step was to prepared the detailed design of the dwellings in terms of their appearance, shape, layout and submit that as a further planning application called a Reserved Matters application.

The design of each plot had to take into account the impact on the street scene, ensuring they were not too high or too close to the highway.

Because of the sloping topography of the site, the dwellings were designed to bed built into the landscape, using retaining walls to manage the levels which enabled the properties to have accommodation over 3 floors.

Whilst similar in design and style, Plot A was of a traditional construction utilising natural stone and slate tiles.

Plot B took a more modern approach, using a timber frame structure and having render and panelling to the fascade with larger areas of glazing, to the lower level the property was faced with a drystone wall appearance to complement the modern style of the design.

The dwelling was designed to accommodate high levels of insulation and air tightness to ensure the building had a low carbon footprint. To maintain this level of air tightness, a whole house ventilation system and heat recovery system was installed to provide active ventilation throughout the dwelling.